People eye quick return to hair and beauty as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Hair and beauty salons may be wondering what business will be like as many states and territories begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions. A recent survey of over 600 people from across Australia reveals the industry may see a quicker return to normal than other industries.

The study conducted between 3-10 May 2020 by Social Media Guide covers 45 activities and destination types ranging from retail, fitness, bars and clubs, through to sporting events and places of worship.

A total of 78% of respondents from across all age groups indicated that they had attended a hair or beauty salon (eg. Nails, waxing, piercing, hairdresser) over the past 12 months. Slightly less, 76% of respondents, said they planned to attend a hair or beauty salon (eg. Nails, waxing, piercing, hairdresser) within the next 12 months.

Hair and Beauty Salon (eg. Nails, waxing, piercing, hairdresser)

The most promising part of the research findings is 91% of those respondents planned to return within 3 months of restrictions easing. More than 63% in the first month alone.

Hair and beauty salons and workers can access the FREE summary report that may assist to better target those segments more likely to return earlier. The report includes a breakdown by five-year age category (18-75+).

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